Second meeting in Portugal

The second partners meeting was organized in the colourful city of Maia, Portugal and was hosted by Escola Básica Gonçalo Mendes da Maia and APLOAD Lda. The event was held on 4th and 5th April 2018 and gathered staff members of all partner institutions. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results achieved so far and to identify the actions of the partners in the future.
During the meeting, the following topics were discussed: 1. Presentation and demonstration of the activities and tools selected after a thorough study by each partner. 2. Discussion on the final selection of the methods and activities that will be included in the T-BOX cards. 3. Discuss the form of the text of the instruction and methodology that will be used by the teachers. 4. Discuss the vision of the box and instructions for assembling it. 5. Presenting current financial issues, necessary documents for preparation of an interim report, financial issues. 6. Presentation on the evaluation and quality of the project activities at the moment and expectations for the future. 7. Presentation of dissemination activities – achieved to date and future actions. 8. Review the work plan and deadlines. 9. Distribution of tasks between partners. 10. Planning for future events and meetings.
The third partner meeting was agreed to be organized shortly after the start of school year 2018/2019 on 25th and 26th October 2018 in Denmark.