Third T-BOX Partner Meeting

On October 25 and 26, 2018 the third T-BOX partnership meeting was held in Odense, Denmark with the kind hosting of our Danish partners from Korup School and BrainLog.
All partners were welcomed by the host of the meeting – the headmaster of Korup School. At the beginning of the meeting were presented the T-BOX cards and their box. Questions about their testing were discussed – how it would be implemented, within what period and among how many students.
The partners discussed the criteria by which teachers, who would test the T-BOX cards would be selected and set deadlines for each separate activity. During the meeting, they created a feedback questionnaire and a form for reporting on teacher activities. They also introduced a prototype of the T-BOX mobile application – design, functionality and more. Some administrative and financial issues of the project were also discussed.
The partners have evaluated the activities and the quality so far and discussed future issues. They made a detailed review of the work plan, the remaining project deadlines and the distribution of tasks among the organisations. Identified current and future activities to disseminate project results.
The final project meeting will be organised in Spain on 3rd and 4th September 2019.