The first year of T-BOX project ended

In October 2018 ended the first year of the implementation of T-BOX project. We are happy to announce that during the first 12 months of the project the whole partnership worked very hard to create the first intellectual product – the Teacher’s box (T-BOX).
Each box contains cards with descriptions of various non-formal activities, aiming to increase the students’ motivation and concentration during the formal learning process.
The boxes and the cards are designed by Know and Can Association. In each box there is a collection of 25 activities divided in 5 categories – “Move it”, “Think it”, “Express it”, “Feel it”, “Sense it”. The cards are available in all national languages of the partnership (Bulgarian, Polish, Danish, Portuguese and Spanish). In addition to the national versions of the box, we also created English boxes containing 5 additional cards in each category (50 in total).
In November 2018 started the testing phase of the cards in real school environment. In each partner country simultaneously teachers and educational specialists will apply and test the methods with their students and will provide an expert opinion and feedback on the created product. Their comments and suggestions for improvement will be taken into account before creating the next project intellectual output – the T-BOX mobile app.